“That’s wee Alfie off the transfer list then” – Latest Gerrard development gets the Celtic fan treatment

It wont be long till the transfer rumours start and the whole of the Rangers squad will be off to Villa to join the manager who always claimed his group of players are ‘fantastic’ etc etc etc

But back in the real world, we all know Gerrard will take only one, if not none of the current Rangers squad with him because, let’s face it, they’re just not as good as he and the Scottish media paint them to be.

But the latest development from Villa Park set the cat amongst the pigeons and, according to the Celtic fans, kiboshes any chance of Alfredo Morleos’ move to the English Premier League.

What is the development I hear you ask?

And it is fair to say, that as soon as it was tweeted the Hoops fans were all over it tighter than Morelos’ Rangers top:

And how the tables have turned. It seems that the Sevco fans have turned on their hero former manager and their current star striker. Loyalty has no boundaries eh?

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