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“They Probably Just Can’t Afford To Get Through The Season Without Champions League Money” – Incredible Admission From Former Ger

There was a lot riding on *Rangers getting through their tie with Malmo last night. Guaranteed £14m for qualifying for the Champions League before we even talk about gate receipts, merchandising etc etc etc…..

Of course, I am well aware that they had to then negotiate another qualifying round before they reached that stage, but if you were listening to the media all week, not only was last night a foregone conclusion, Zardok the Priest was already on the stadium announcers Spotify playlist.

Alas it wasn’t to be and instead of rolling in the Champions League money, *Rangers find themselves rolling in the sh*t as the enormity of last nights result sinks in.

On BBC Sportsound, former *Rangers player Richard Foster, warned that there could be financial and first team repercussions following the collapse to Malmo, “But this result is more than about just the team.

“I think this is going to have huge financial implications at Rangers. We constantly hear how much in debt they are and how much it’s costing per season.

“They need to sell players and the players that are going to need to sell. The biggest assets, Kent, Morelos, but then that can change dramatically.

“But the financial implications are huge, and we could, I would imagine there’s going to be a fair bit of movement going on behind the scenes at Rangers because they just can’t afford to get through the season without that Champions League money.”

Now, many of their fans will say that they have not debt and that the board have invested into the club/company but here is the key word. Invest.

People at the club WILL be expecting a return on that investment. Do *Rangers fans REALLY believe that the people at the top are just handing them cash because they are “Rangers men”?

That kind of thinking caused the first club to die, SURELY to goodness they are not daft enough to let this new club die as well?

“Knowing The Rangers Board” – Frank McAvennie’s Brilliant ‘Disaster’ Claim

As *Rangers try to qualify for the Champions League, they will be looking at the Group Stages with eagerness as the potential guaranteed £14m jackpot awaits them if they get past Malmo and onto the next qualifying round.

Never has the need for he Glasgow club been so great to get access to the millions that Europe’s premier competition promises as they have posted losses for the past four years as they went all out to stop Celtic’s bid for ten in a row.

Former Celtic striker, Frank McAvennie was speaking to Football Insider, when he made a claim about the *Rangers board spending even more money that they don’t have , “The pressure is really on now.

“Knowing the Rangers board, they have probably spent the group stage money already.

“I think they had an eye on tonight’s game when playing Dundee but they should have still won.

“Rangers will be a different proposition tonight I’m sure. They just didn’t perform at the weekend.

“They need to start well so the crowd don’t get on their back.

“It’s a hard task but I think they will win. It would be a disaster if they lost.”

And who can argue with him? The Govan club have spent over £40m under Gerrard and only have one trophy to show for it.

The Champions League money MUST be essential to them or they could be forced to sell some prized assets to keep their “investors” happy.

“It’s Not Even On The Table” – Moreloa Bingo Time As Agent Destroys Sevco Compliant Media

Normally I don’t touch a story regarding Rangers*. Normally, I try to focus on my own team and try to bring you the most up to date stories regarding the green and white hoops. But not today.

And the only reason for that is because for days now we have been subjected to a barrage of media stories from, surprise surprise, The Daily Record and The Sun, telling us that Porto have agreed terms but not a fee.

It’s the same old story every window as the Govan club try to claw in some much needed funds to “balance the books”.

Quick question. If you are losing over £10m per season for the last four seasons, how does one player sale balance the books? I’m sure the Scottish media are looking into that as we speak……..

Unfortunately, I am going to have burst their bubble as former Rangers defender and now agent, Craig Moore, destroyed the Morelos rumour with a devastating admission on The Go Radio Football Show, “From my connections and people that I speak to in Portugal, the Porto thing is not on the table. It’s not even on the table.

“But obviously we keep hearing about it. I would not be surprised if at some stage a club does come in for Morelos because you know he’s at a good age now.

“But look 24, 25 year old, scores goals. Has scored goals at the top top level not only domestically but in European football.

“There’s always going to be interest.”

Dear oh dear. It looks like the emergency Morelos sale is a no goer and that Rangers* will need to find another source o book balancing funds.

There’s always the hope of another mystery bid from China. Right???