Listen to BBC Sportsound’s brilliant Rangers fans Gerrard interviews

This was radio gold. A lot has been said about the Rangers fans appearing on Clyde 1 (and I’ll get to that later) but these ones who were interviewed by BBC Sportsound are just classic staunch.

One fan claimed he’s just doing it for money, others said they don’t do it for the shirt anymore and some said it was always just short term.

Denial at it’s best.

But this guys was my favourite one, “Steven Gerrard? Where is he off tae I don’t even know?

Aston Villa?

That’s how much I care.

He’s a good manager and he’s proved his point. I do wish him all the best man.

But I’m glad he’s away from Rangers noo. It’s probably just a money move.

That’s aw it is. Aston Villa has got a good outfit, they’re a good team as well.

He’s goat the capability. I wish him all the best.”

This transcript doesn’t do it justice so just have a wee listen here:

As the panic and fear sets in at Ibrox at who will take over the helm, there have been various names being banded about like Giovanni van Bronkhurst, Ronald Keoman and Derek McInnes.

Clearly the first two couldn’t lace McInnes’ boots so expect the former Aberdeen man, or Murty, to be announced shortly.

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