Listen as Hugh Keevins and Clyde pundits blatant live radio mocking of Ange

I can’t remember the last time a Scottish Premiership manager was openly and blatantly mocked on a live radio program.

Does anyone remember the time Steven Gerrard’s scouse accent was used to make a point about him or his team?

Or can anyone mind that hilarious time when a pundit imitated Graeme Alexanders English accent when he complained about not getting a penalty in todays 2-0 defeat to Celtic?

No. Because on no occasion has any managers voice or accent been used by any pundit in such a way unless you are, of course, Celtic’s Australian manager, Ange Postecoglou.

Ange was being interviewed post match when he took a swing at a journalist when he was asked if Rangers dropping two points is the icing on the cake for today. Postecoglou replied, “I thought the Premiership race was over mate.” in a brilliant retort to claims from some quarters that after Celtic’s draw to Dundee United meant that the title race was over.

The interview was played on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard and Hugh Keevins mocked up an Aussie accent when he said, “I’m not an accountant mate.” in reference to Postecoglou’s earlier interview when he was asked about money.

The other pundits thought this was hilarious but what it does show is that there is a blatant disregard of Postecoglou’s opinions or thoughts if it means taking a swing at the Scottish media.

And I’ll go back to it. Has any other journalist or pundit mocked Steven Gerrard’s accent after his public rants about Scottish journalism?

There is your answer.

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