Ewen Cameron bizarrely calls out popular Celtic account for penalty tweet

This is quite a bizarre article to write because normally, Celtic twitter accounts are ignored on their views by many of the ‘mainstream’ podcast channels.

You know the ones. Superscoreboard, Sportsound and Go Radio.

They ask for interaction but rarely give it.

But it was this tweet that seemed to irk ‘Hearts’ supporter Ewen Cameron on The Big Scottish Football Podcast:

Now whether you subscribe to this or not is entirely up to you.

Many of us believe that there has been an anti-Celtic agenda by the refs on us for years.

Many of us think that the refs are just so bad that it looks like there is an agenda.

The problem I have with Cameron’s comment on his pod is that he labelled this comment as ‘the kind of chat’ he sees on Twitter. He also claimed that there was a lot of us that agreed with it.

A blatant untruth. He then goes on to say (after being challenged) that 99% of Celtic fans believe it wasn’t a penalty.

Cameron gets easily mixed up to be fair because he is meant to support a team in maroon but always tweets or talks about Celtic.

One thought on “Ewen Cameron bizarrely calls out popular Celtic account for penalty tweet”

  1. This is the same (lobotomised???) clown who, when Neil Lennon was kicked unconscious in Ashton Lane one Saturday night, opined on his Real Radio show that Lennon let Celtic down by going out for a drink after that day’s disappointing result. He even suggested the usual pish he always had levelled at him from these morons that he somehow brought it on himself.

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