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Celtic fans absolutely nails Sevco’s ‘standards’ lie

Do you remember when Beale and Co went all honourable and let Partick Thistle score a tap in to ‘uphold the standards’ of their club?

Remember it? Of course you do. Because it was splashed all over every media outlet, twitter news feed and radio phone in’s for the last two weeks.

It was a sickening love in, when in truth, we all know that the only standards that lot uphold is to win at all costs.

The reaction of a packed Ibrox told it’s own story. The reaction on social media where Rangers fans were genuinely calling for Beale’s head was the true reflection of that clubs ‘standards’.

And if you were ever in any doubt that they have no standards at all and that they are pettiest f*cking club in Scotland, this Celtic fan sums it up perfectly:

And let’s not forget that Hampden also started emptying five minutes before full time when their team only needed one goal to equalise to take the final to extra time.

This is the exact same support that burns their football tops after a poor result and volleys all manner of abuse to their manager.

Standards? Don’t make me laugh.

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