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“Celtic are clearly officiated to a different favourable standard than every other team” – Rangers fan is bang on the money but for all the wrong reasons

This is one thing I agree on with this Rangers fan.

With Celtic being one of the clubs being negatively affected with poor officiating this season, many fans believe the club need to be more pro active in protecting our onfield interests.

Some of the “mistakes” being made by the officials are so bad that many believe it’s simply not down to incompetence.

But this fan believes that our club benefitting from poor decisions by the men in black.

A Rangers fan called the Daily Record Hotline to make this point, “An interesting stat from the Celtic v Aberdeen game was there were no bookings, which is strange given how Aberdeen play against Rangers as if their life depends on it.

Not really. If he actually watched the game, Willie Collum’s refereeing performance was so inept when dealing with Aberdeen’s persistent fouling, it’s remarkable no Dons player was booked.

“I then came across this astonishing stat – since the new year Celtic have played seven league games and committed 74 fouls but only received 4 yellow cards. Now where are all their usual conspiracy theorists with this one?

A booking every 19 fouls roughly is disproportionate from every other team in the league.

This is a tired old argument. Opposition players have caught onto the fact that when we lose possession we go after them. It’s tiring for them so the only respite they get is by going down with the slightest contact to win a foul to give them breathing space.

That and the simple fact is that not all fouls are bookings.

“Celtic are clearly officiated to a different favourable standard than every other team.”

I agree with this part. We get nothing from the referees in comparison to this guys team. Handballs, offsides and penalties, we get no benefit of the doubt if that doubt benefits us.

Delusion is rife at Ibrox because they know that no matter what they do, we are still moving further ahead of them with each passing week.

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