Brilliant Caller Puts ‘Most Successful’ Club Claim To Bed

The same club. Most successful club. 55. Three of many claims that supporters of The Rangers International Football Club (is that what they’re called?) make when they try to convince everyone, and themselves, that they actually did not liquidate and die.

Bought the assets is another one that cracks me up but when it comes to history, the fans of the newest club in the league really do have a selective memory.

They deny the debt of the old club whilst claiming their glory. Blow torch, neck and couldn’t mark it are three other phrases I like to use when describing them.

Anyway, one Celtic fan laid bare their claims as he called The Go Radio Football Show and took umbrage when host Rob McLean asked if the Celtic fans reaction to last seasons performances were because of a sense of entitlement,
“We’re the biggest club Scotland so I don’t think we’re entitled. We should be winning the league every year. Rangers are a relatively new club.

They’ve only been existence since 2012. We are the biggest club in Scotland. We are the most successful, so we really should be racking up titles, racking up trebles and for whatever reason the board seems to think that we had to let Rangers back in, we need a strong Rangers in order to keep Scottish Football appealing.

Which I just think it’s farcical to be honest. Especially when people are putting their hard earned money into the club, and we demand success and we were promised change and never really got change. It’s the same old same old.”

The caller left the panel of Davie Provan and Marvin Bartley speechless as they tried to carry on regardless but the caller was bang on the money.

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Caller Puts ‘Most Successful’ Club Claim To Bed”

  1. Scottish football is corrupt for oldco and newco as we all no ebt sideletters what punishment was gave out a fine no titles stripped nothing sfa.spfl need cleaned out corrupt to the core for sevco and mr D.Parks rats.

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