“You have just won the twitter daft post of the week”, “Seriously?” – Celtic fans react to pro Sevco bloggers explanation of latest Ibrox blunder

Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

They really are not the brightest of people are they?

The people running *Rangers and their embarrassing campaign against the Cinch sponsorship deal are really not doing their club or Scottish football any favours with their petty and ineffectual campaign against the SPFL’s sponsorship deal with the motor company.

On Saturday, the Ibrox club discredited themselves once more by putting duct tape (yes, you read that right) over the name of the sponsor and therefor only promoting their brand even more as now everyone is speaking about it all over social media.

GvB took his usual post match press conference in front of the taped up advertising boards.

I know.

Done by Motherwell or Sky. Because of Rangers.

This guy just can’t bring himself to tell the truth about his small minded club that he directs the blame for their farce on others.

That club are just a constant embarrassment to Scottish football with the amount of fairy tales they spout.

They are fooling no one:

Tell a lie often enough and people believe it to be fact.

Wonder where I’ve seen this tactic before……………………

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