“Spoiler alert. They die at the end” – Celtic fans pan new liquidation ‘book’ by Sevco writer

This will always be the subject of much deliberation by the Celtic fans. Did Rangers actually die?

Who am I kidding? Of course they did but the constant re-writing of facts based on delusion will always be at the forefront of every Rangers fans minds as they continually try and convince themselves that the club they now follow is still that of the one that died in 2012.

The overhyping and celebration of ‘The 55’ tells you that in itself. I mean, what other club has celebrated a specific number in titles in the history of the game?


Well here we have another Rangers fan writing a book on the history of what happened to the old club and no doubt there will be a spin on how it all ended (or continued) and looking at the guys follow list, you just know impartiality will be thrown out the window.

And the Celtic fans were brilliant at making sure that the budding author was reminded of the history of events.

By the way. The book has not been commissioned by the club. Weird that eh?

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