“Does he get on people’s nerves when he dives?” – Listen to Barry Ferguson amazingly continue the Kyogo narrative

All together now!

Kyogo is NOT a diver!

Do we need to remind people one more time? It certainly seems so.

Even after what Celtic boss, Ange Postecoglou said at his pre match press conference where he defended Kyogo from the allegations of being a cheat, former Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson STILL doesn’t get it.

To be labelled a cheat (or diver) you need to feign injury or try to get an opponent into trouble or sent off etc etc etc.

Something Kyogo has NEVER done. Ever.

He has, however, reacted to being slapped, clawed in the face and skin grabbed in off the ball targeted attacks that, somehow, are not being highlighted as much as Kyogo’s reaction to it.

As I reported yesterday, Go Radio added to the shocking narrative and has joined the ranks of those feeding the animal when they, aided and abetted by a Rangers fan caller, also labelled Kyogo a diver.

Mark Guidi did seem to back down from those allegations on last night’s show, but former Rangers player Barry Ferguson continued to spread the story on last nights show.

As host Rob McLean tried to blame the use of social media for the storm, Ferguson said, “It’s part of modern day society, social media.

“And listen, it’s got it’s good points, it’s got it’s bad points. I’ll be honest with you I’m not on social media for a reason.

“When good players come into this country, I tend to look at what they do. In terms of what they bring to the game here and certainly what Kyogo has brought is a lot of quality and goals.

And you’ve got admire the guy as a player. Does he get on people’s nerves when he dives at times? Yeah, he does. But that’s part and parcel of the game at times.”

So Rob. Is it just social media that’s to blame for the continued targeting of a Celtic player?

Or does that not suit the narrative? Which is a shame as this is a decent show.

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