“I don’t think I was a dirty player mate, c’mon!” – Listen as Celtic fan brilliantly owns former Rangers defender on live radio

As the debate over the Callum Butcher tackle on David Turnbull continues, it seems as though the SFA are set to throw the book at the Dundee United man after the outrage over the last few days. And rightly so.

Reviewing the incident on The Go Radio Football Show, former Rangers defender Craig Moore agreed that the tackle was a shocker and Butcher should be hauled up in front of the games beaks.

But one Celtic fan decided to take the opportunity to call out the big Australian when he called the show and told Moore exactly what he thought of his tackling back in his day, “It was interesting listening to the chat surrounding the Callum Butcher tackle on David Turnbull and I have got to say, Craig Moore, that would be an average tackle for Craig Moore when he was in his pomp.

He was on of the dirtiest players I have ever seen in my life!”

As Moore desperately tried to plead his case by saying, “I don’t think I was a dirty player mate, c’mon!”, the Celtic fan replied, “Oh you were. You were. You might not have been before you joined Rangers, but you certainly dirty when you played for Rangers but I guess that’s just what happens when you sign for them.

It was a great call, with a hint of banter but also a dose of the truth for the former Rangers defender.

Moore was a hard tackling defender, no doubt.

So much so that his former team mate Barry Ferguson calls him, regularly, an absolute animal on the show.

To be fair to Moore, he took it well but it was still a small dose of reality for the former Rangers man.

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  • Was he? I don’t remember him standing out as dirtier than any other hun player but let’s face it they were all dirty hacking bassas…he just got lost in the memory mass of horrific hun tackles I guess…

  • They’ll all want the Butcher to get a retro red card as it will mean he misses playing against Rangers. No benefit to Celtic at all who should have been playing 10 men.

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