Chris Sutton causes another Sevco meltdown even after some good news

Chris Sutton is probably one of the best pundits in Scotland.

Fair when it comes to the criticism and praise of ALL clubs (including Celtic) in Scotland and his analysis of the game is generally spot on.

But when it comes to winding up them, he is the master at it.

No matter what he tweets, it is without a shadow of a doubt that he lives rent free over in Govan.

His latest tweet just further proves how much he irritates them as he took a dig at the clubs fans for being banned from their away trip to Lyon.

Obviously likening their ban to his from Ibrox, the Rangers fans didn’t like it and even although they are now free to make the trip to France, they still abuse Sutton on the social media platform.

Were they not apoplectic just less than 24 hours ago about Kris Boyd being abused by Celtic fans?

Even in the face of good news, they are still raging:

The rage is real in this lot and I am sure they will calm down at some point. Eventually. Maybe.

One comment

  • They’ll never calm down it’s bred into them from birth the racism and bigotry. They’re still celebrating a 17th century battle in the 21st century. It’s time the club started to condemn these 🤡 🤡 but they only pay it lip service because they’re every bit as bad as the rest of them inside the corridors of Ibrox. The SFA and SPFL facilitate it all as do the government, the police and the smsm. The fans of all the other clubs should be pushing for reform because the clubs certainly aren’t, the governing body have got Celtic over a barrel re the 5 way agreement and Res 11(12) and Celtic’s insistence on needing the old firm brand. The hens will be home to roost before our board grow a pair and fight for our club.

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