Celtic fans react to interim Sevco boss’ bizarre Twitter behaviour

When the announcement was made by Rangers that there would be four, yes FOUR, interim coaches taking charge of first team duties this week as they await the announcement of their Gerrard replacement, many Celtic fans were left perplexed.

Not by the announcement itself, although it did cause amusement as it casts doubt over GvB appointment, but at the behaviour of one of the names mentioned on social media platform, Twitter.

Rangers announced:

Three of the names, are pretty well known around the football circles but one name led to a question being asked not only by the Celtic fans, but also Rangers fans, “Who is Colin Stewart?”

According to the twitter thread, Stewart looks after the clubs lotto account and has now been placed in charge of first team affairs:

Stewart confirms himself that he, in fact, holds the relevant qualifications for the role:

But it was his extremely bizarre behaviour afterwards that confused Celtic fans as his first duty as interim manager seemed to be, blocking all Celtic fans from twitter. Even those that had never had a single interaction with him.


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