Celtic Park from the Forge car park

The stunning VAR stat that sees Celtic as most ‘punished’ club in Europe

When I saw this I couldn’t quite believe it.

Because, after all, aren’t just paranoid wee Timmy’s that need to stop this refereeing vendetta?

Of course we are.

If you were to listen to the journalists in this country they would have you believe that we are treated no more differently by the referees than any other club.

But this is simply untrue.

Especially when you look at this:

Quite an incredible stat.

Could you imagine this being allowed down south or in any other league in Europe?

And can you imagine it being accepted by any other boardroom of any other club?

The silence on this issue from the suits at Celtic is deafening. Almost as deafening as that from the corridors of the SFA.

But when there is nothing to see, when you are told that these ‘honest mistakes’ even themselves out over the course of the season, what do you?

I was at the game last night. Three goals out of five were checked by VAR. And one was ruled offside.

Let that sink in.

I don’t think I’ve seen that at any level of football in my life.

But, as long as the powers that be accept it, it will continue.

Me? I’ll just keep calling out.

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