over the shoulder view of a referee showing the red card

The picture that proves pundits are just lying about Ryan Jack’s non red card

There are refereeing mistakes, then there are refereeing mistakes (if you catch my drift?).

We saw plenty of them over the weekend. Mostly poor ones going against Celtic at Dundee United and even poorer ones going for the Ibrox side the day before.

The amount of times that club has benefitted from ‘honest mistakes’ since the introduction of VAR is quite incredible.

Including this one:

The line being peddled out by the pundit’s is that the St Johnstone player came in from Ryan Jack’s blind side.

Which is a total lie:

On his blind side? Ryan Jack should be wearing dark shades and carrying a stick if that is his blind side.

And look at the referees angle of it.

Clear as day.

The cheating that is. Not the red card. Obviously.

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