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“Boy that escalated quickly!” – Sevco fan taken to cleaners after making two Postecoglou allegations

Got to love the Sevvies, right?

If they are not making up lies about how they survived liquidation and are the same club, they are spreading spurious rumours about the goings on in our club.

We absolutely consume them on every level.

And you know what’s strange about them? For a club that throws around the ‘obsessed’ word a lot, they are extremely, well, obsessed.

And if there was any time to spread anymore nonsense about our club and more specifically, our manager, this week is the perfect time.

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Take this guy, for example.

Hoaching onto a Sky Sports tweet about Leeds being interested in Ange, he promptly replied:

And this quick thinking Celtic fan replied:

And the second that was sent, Swed shut down that narrative very quickly:

Net spend: -£2.6m

And the reply to that?

To be fair to them, the man that they predicted would be the new Pedro and be sacked by Christmas last year has absolutely destroyed their club, their fans and their board of directors.

As Ange continues to build our great club, theirs looks like it’s on a standstill.

On the one hand hand, he is not good enough to move on but on the other, they are desperate for Ange to leave. Why is that?

We all know why, they just won’t admit it.

One thought on ““Boy that escalated quickly!” – Sevco fan taken to cleaners after making two Postecoglou allegations”

  1. Gordon dumpln of superscoreboard doesn’t have a clue about football,the show last week was called,(superangepleaseleaveboard),they are all shitn themselves,that ange who?,wins the league again,they are tryn to disturb ange with all this crap talk,but our ange is too big for any of them,including 2012.

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