“Cheated again and still they can’t beat us”, “This is what we are up against!” – Celtic fans react to close-up Beaton footage

We all knew it would happen didn’t we? We all knew VAR would be involved in this game to benefit one team.

And it did. Twice.

Not only did VAR not properly check the penalty that was awarded against Carl Starfelt, it deemed that a handed save by Conor Goldson wasn’t enough to award us a stonewall penalty.

But it’s hardly surprising now is it?

The only team not to have a penalty awarded against them by VAR is the one team that seems to handle the ball more than most inside the box. Aberdeen, Hibs and now Celtic are the latest victims of either an inept system or a systemic ineptness.

You choose.

And after this footage emerged of Beaton allegedly telling a Celtic player “It’s no doon tae me.”, that us where I throw my hands up in despair.

Because if it’s not down to him, then who is it down to to call these decisons?

We are always being told that VAR is there to assist the referee’s and not to re-referee the game, yet it didn’t do it’s initial job by checking the Goldson handball and here we have the man in the middle effectively telling us all that a decision being made is NOT down to him.

It’s little wonder Celtic fans look at the refereeing system in Scottish football with utter contempt and suspicion.

After yesterday’s display, who can blame them.

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