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“It doesn’t really bother me” – Ange’s Cup Final press conference jumper triggers a moonhowling Beale-like rant from Sevco podcaster

They really are the peepul aren’t they.

Staunchness personified, and it seems that Michael Beale’s suits and brown brogues have really made the Ibrox fans stand to attention and release a feeling of immense pride in them.

Look, that has to be the reason. That has to be the reason for this moonhowler to rant on the way he did about a jumper.

Have a watch of this:

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All over a f**king jumper.

Michael Beale-esque, Ange’s jumper has broken this lot just like Chris Sutton has broken their manager.

It does seem like the pressure of a looming cup final is getting to them.

And one last thing WTF is ‘looking like a Ranger, acting like a Ranger’?

For me, Beale looks rattled this week. He looks like a man who is cracking under the pressure of his fans turning on him.

They turned on him over Partick Thistle and even a full week later after the game was won, the Onions dropped a banner criticising their manager even further still.

Tradishuns eh? Who’d have them?

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