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“This is why you don’t appoint a rookie” – Follow Follow in game meltdown is just glorious

Wow, wow, wow. How the tables have turned.

I swear they must have the thickest and most fickle fanbase in football.

Bealeball was the cry four weeks ago bow they are just crying.

The game hadn’t even finished and they were calling for Beale’s head.

As Aberdeen led 2-1 after behind 1-0 down, the reality and gravity of their situation started to really take hold.

Lose tonight, and we win at home tomorrow and the league is all over before Santa has had the chance to empty his sack.

But, unlike this Rangers side, Santa won’t be firing blanks.

So, where do they go from here? Do the Rangers fans stick by their manager? Do they boo the team off the park?

I know which option I will be going for.

But it gets worse. Next up is an away trip to Dingwall. A place were they have had their backsides felt before.

Lose that and the confidence that Beale was feeling before this game tonight will not be as forthcoming.

Post match the Rangers boss’s arrogance shone through. Hoping that Aberdeen would attack them so that they could exploit the space behind the defenders.

I bet he wasn’t banking on his own side being unable to defend.

And neither was the fans as Follow Follow had a complete meltdown.

The thread is here. You can thank me later.

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