Rangers Fans Fail First Big Test Since Kyogo Racism Row And Media Silence Is Shameful

It was a big week this week in Scottish football. The big build up to the Glasgow Derby was overshadowed by last weeks shameful racist abuse of Celtic striker Kyogo Furuhashi by Rangers fans on a supporters bus.

The media were all over it, and quite rightly so, as everyone condemned the actions of these mindless idiots and, especially after the Glen Kamara incident last season, it seemed like the whole of the country, including the media, were starting to pull in the same direction to tackle this disease in our society.

But sadly, after todays 1-0 loss to our Glasgow rivals, a video emerged of a herd of *Rangers fans marching through the town centre chanting anti Irish racist songs, with a police escort and not one person reported on it.

Well, strictly speaking, Michael Stewart tweeted about it to his 100k followers but I am yet to see any media outlet cover a clear cut story about more racist abuse from the blue half of Glasgow.

And what the hell are the police doing not arresting people for it?

And there is a depressing side to this story as well.

Clyde 1 journalist Alison Conroy did tweet about it and condemned the Rangers fans for the abuse shouted from the stands and called them out for their “bile”.

And then, inexplicably, then seemed to tar all fans from every club when there was only one set of fans at the game she was reporting on subjecting players to the “bile”.

Seriously? What chance do we have of eradicating this issue when the media fail to cover it properly and when they shine the spotlight directly to where the issue lies, then retract it almost immediately?

We will never be rid of this problem in Scotland if the media don’t take every single count of racism seriously.

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