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The Sevco fans disgrace themselves on disgusting Kyogo thread

I genuinely wonder at these people’s state of mind. I genuinely do.

Their lives are just filled with pure hatred and whilst I can revel in some rivalry banter, I just don’t understand why people take it to the next level.

Football Scotland posted this in game update as Kyogo was taken off injured:

As you can see, there are over 50 replies to the post with 90% of them being from Rangers fans.

Tell me again who is obsessed?

No, like I said, I enjoy a bit of banter between both clubs but when the banter turns to racist abuse and homophobic comments, that’s where I draw the line.

I’m not posting those comments on this site, feel free to dig through the dirge if you wish.

Wishing a career ending injury on the Hoops striker was also the order of the day but, of course, we all know why they are like this.

They are terrified of him. They are terrified because Kyogo is part of Celtic side that is looking unstoppable under Ange Postecoglou. And they hate it.

Their bitterness and bile knows no bounds and whilst I enjoy their pain, it saddens me that all that these cretins know is hatred.

Sevco’s disgusting racism issue raises it’s head as Oh is introduced

All of the outrage over Glen Kamara is wiped out in one single STV Facebook Post.

That’s all it took. And I’m going to go one step further. These fans that took this opportunity to racially abuse Oh are no better than Andre Kudjela.

In fact, they are worse.

At least Kudjela had morals (however reprehensible they are) and he stuck to them.

This lot? The hypocrisy of how they view racism is an incredible set of shocking double standards.

If they’re not singing about killing Catholics, they’re racially abusing our player from the Far East.

Know this. If, and I hope it never happens again, one of their players are ever racially abused again, they can take their faux outrage and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

‘Our club has lost it’s identity’ – Bizarre thread on the ‘traditions of being a Ranger. Whatever that means

Well we all know what that means don’t we?

“Tradishino Protistent valyoos” is what that means.

If you don’t believe me, check this out.

I mean, WTF id a ‘No Surrender attitude’ when it’s at home?

Next thing you know they’ll be suggesting that they should only sign players who are ‘ra peepo’.

What a strange breed these supporters are.

Not so long ago they were heralding this multi national squad as they got to a European final and now? Now that they are being found out for the frauds that they are?

It’s Johnny Foreigner’s fault innit Guv?

Why on earth does this guy think that 11 British or Scottish players are the dabiours and that Morelos or the foreign players are the problem?

Kent. Rubbish.

Tavernier. Mince.

Wright. Not good enough.

Jack. Enough said.

Lundstrum. Farmer.

Need I go on?

In fact, the only player that has saved them from getting really embarrassed is Colak with his goals so yeah, it’s the foreign guys that are the issue.

The racial connotations in this reply are stark. And worrying.

But then, what do you expect from the peepo?

Everyone Anyone? Listen to incredible antisemitic comment on Rangers Radio

If it’s not racism, it’s mysogyny. If it’s not that then it’s sectarianism. I mean they even managed to get a disabled person to close their Twitter account due to abuse online. And he was a Rangers supporter!

The Ibrox support covers all forms of bigotry so at least they can be accused of being a bigot towards bigots.

They really are an incredible set of ‘supporters’ but to be fair to them, with this latest comment on Rangers Radio, they have now covered all bases with this antisemitic comment that was broadcast on the show:

No apology. Not even any acknowledgement of what the caller said.

Just a quick, carry on to try and brush it under the carpet.

A truly pathetic radio show. It’s time it was shut down.

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“Hate has won yet again” – Celtic fans react to Anthony Josephs Sevco racist conviction tweet

This really surprise anyone?

Everyone anyone?

Nah, me neither.

As Rangers fans shamed themselves again last August with their anti Irish/Catholic singing, nine arrests were made in what looked like the Police at least trying to do something about this cancer in our game.

Now, yes, I know nine arrests isn’t a lot, but if they all got prosecuted and punished it would serve as a deterrent for the Ibrox supporters right?


Out of nine arrests, this happened:

How do you even begin to dissect that? And how can Anthony finish his last tweet with #HateWontWin when clearly, it has.

The lack of punishment for this has just given those with a bigoted agenda to just carry on as normal.


And these Celtic fans were not happy:

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“If they only stuck to anti Catholic jokes all would have been done” – Celtic fans react to alleged awards ceremony player racism claims

So the furore over the walk out in the SFWA Player of the Year award had more to it than first thought.

It is alleged that Bill Copeland told racist and misogynistic jokes at the awards ceremony and the attempt at humour was so bad, respected Sly Sports presenter Eilidh Barbour walked out of the bash with her party at her table.

It is also alleged that a second party walked out also but it’s yet to be confirmed who it was.

But as the day progressed more allegations have arisen as it also has been claimed that Copeland aimed racist jokes towards Celtics Japanese players.

And when pressed at what was said, the twitter user said:

I mean, is this really where we are at? In 2022?

It’s bad enough that Kyogo had to deal with mindless morons spouting that disgraceful, racist line now we seem to have paid professionals making jokes at the expense of the Celtic players?

An absolute disgrace and these Hoops fans were far from happy:

Just in case anyone was wondering, Copeland’s football allegiances are well known. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out.

Sevco fans shocking racist abuse of Aribo

I’ll never understand the mentality of a racist. And I don’t think I really want to if I’m honest.

You must be in a really dark place in your life if you think racially abusing someone is acceptable in any form.

But, unfortunately for a large portion of that fan base, racist chanting and sectarian singing is par for the course.

Take this guy for example:

Where do you even begin with that? In what planet does this guy even think this would be accepted with anything other than disdain on social media?

Think about it. Not only do you need to think this comment.

But to then pick up your phone or laptop, log into twitter, type it then send it is the mark of a neanderthal with limited brain capacity.

Let’s hope the police and the club get involved in this.

Listen to Rangers’ Everyone Anyone campaign ripped apart in one fan phone call

You like to think that after all that’s happened over the last year and a half, there would have been some inroads made by the club from Ibrox to tackle sectarianism in their rank and file supporters.

And I get that there are some that will simply not change.

Sectarianism is part of their life, their culture (whatever the hell that means) and their daily match routine.

There are those that are just engrained in it that the very thought of change is abhorrent to them.

But surely to God, even their own support should call it out. Especially when you run a (supposed) serious phone in show were supporters get to air their views about the game.

Not so says the guys from Rangers Radio.

It seems their fans can call in and spew whatever they want and not be held accountable, or at the very least, pulled up for their backward views.

This one fan called and admitted that he is a sectarian bigot, and it seemed to be accepted by the outlet as normal behaviour, “I’m sorry to say it. I was really disappointed today.

I mean, I had all my sectarian bile on before the game and my wife can attest to that cause I’m a nutcase. And it disnae help because every one of they boys is a defeatist for a start.

“If you know what I mean. And I hate getting beat, I hate getting beat with anybody. And we controlled that game and cannae put a shot on target in the second half. It’s disgusting.”

The words don’t do it justice so have a listen to the ‘nutcase’ as he gains a hundred staunch points:

“I saw a dart sticking out the grass” – Mark Walters opens up on racism hell in Scotland

I was only 10 years old the season Mark Walters signed for Rangers back in 1987 but I do remember the time banana’s were thrown on the pitch at Celtic Park at the former Rangers winger.

At the time, I didn’t quite understand why it was done but I do remember why it was if that makes sense?

What I mean is I knew they were thrown at him as a reference to him being black but I could not quite grasp why people thought it was ok to do so.

However, even at that time, it did prove that racism was alive and well in Scotland.

It always was, and still is, to be honest but it was disguised under the cloak of sectarianism as it did seem more comfortable to most people, especially in the media, to dress it up this way as it meant we didn’t have to face our own societal issues at that time.

The media went to great lengths to avoid talking about the issue of anti catholic singing to such an extent that they never showed this footage of Rangers players singing The Billy Boys and f*ck the Pope after a title winning league match in a dressing room “celebration” as shown in the video below,

And from memory, that is how the treatment of Mark Walters was dealt with by the same media. I don’t ever remember the same outcry as there would be now. I don’t remember front page headlines condemning the abuse Walters received. Although if I am wrong, I am sure many will correct, and please do.

Thankfully, most of Scottish society has moved on from those dark days and are more open to racist condemnation, especially as it has raised it’s ugly head on more than one occasion in the last twelve months.

Mark Walters opened up today to relive his experiences in England and Scotland but did speak about the abuse he was on the end of at Celtic Park and Tynecastle in the early days on his Rangers career, “Believe it or not just last month I watched a recording of my debut at Parkhead for the very first time.

“It was only then that I realised why the half-time break seemed to go on forever.

“At the time we were in the dressing room and I was thinking to myself, ‘What’s taking so long?’.

“But when I watched it back I realised it was because they were still clearing up all the bananas and stuff from the pitch.

“They were trying to protect me but it’s unbelievable when you look back at that now.

Yes, it does hurt. I also watched the game at Hearts for the first time, which was just a week later. I remember someone threw something at me and I flinched because I thought it may hit me.

“But it was only when I watched it a month or so ago that I could see it was a boy of about eight or nine years of age who threw it. You could see a bunch of adults behind him all laughing and joking like, ‘Well done son!’.

“I just assumed at the time it was these adults who were throwing stuff. But to see it was actually a child? I mean, what chance did that young lad have if he was brought up to believe that was normal behaviour?

“That game at Tynecastle actually felt even more intimidating than my debut at Celtic but probably because the crowd was a lot closer to the pitch.

“But the stuff that was thrown at me at Parkhead was even more dangerous. I remember I saw a dart sticking out of the grass and a pig’s foot flying past my head.

“Looking back now I can’t believe I didn’t show the ref. But I just carried on because I was just so focused on my game.”

A shocking but familiar account of Walters’ experiences in Scotland over 30 years ago now.

Racism is not welcome in Scottish society. End of. Lets call it all racism. Not sectarianism or ‘anti’ anything. You can’t be anti black just as much as anti Irish. It’s racism.

Lets address it all under the same banner because then and only then, can all of the footballing community pull together to rid this cancer not only from football but from Scottish society.

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Rangers Fans Fail First Big Test Since Kyogo Racism Row And Media Silence Is Shameful

It was a big week this week in Scottish football. The big build up to the Glasgow Derby was overshadowed by last weeks shameful racist abuse of Celtic striker Kyogo Furuhashi by Rangers fans on a supporters bus.

The media were all over it, and quite rightly so, as everyone condemned the actions of these mindless idiots and, especially after the Glen Kamara incident last season, it seemed like the whole of the country, including the media, were starting to pull in the same direction to tackle this disease in our society.

But sadly, after todays 1-0 loss to our Glasgow rivals, a video emerged of a herd of *Rangers fans marching through the town centre chanting anti Irish racist songs, with a police escort and not one person reported on it.

Well, strictly speaking, Michael Stewart tweeted about it to his 100k followers but I am yet to see any media outlet cover a clear cut story about more racist abuse from the blue half of Glasgow.

And what the hell are the police doing not arresting people for it?

And there is a depressing side to this story as well.

Clyde 1 journalist Alison Conroy did tweet about it and condemned the Rangers fans for the abuse shouted from the stands and called them out for their “bile”.

And then, inexplicably, then seemed to tar all fans from every club when there was only one set of fans at the game she was reporting on subjecting players to the “bile”.

Seriously? What chance do we have of eradicating this issue when the media fail to cover it properly and when they shine the spotlight directly to where the issue lies, then retract it almost immediately?

We will never be rid of this problem in Scotland if the media don’t take every single count of racism seriously.