“I think I’d take that” – Respected Celtic podcaster reveals what success would be for Hoops this season

The boys at The Celtic Exchange Podcast are without doubt, one of my favourite podcasters.

Their rational analysis of Celtic whilst still allowing for a degree of calm and measured scrutiny of the club and first team (including the allowable criticism of Ange Postecoglou) makes their show one of the must have listens on your podcasts.

Ok, enough of the arse kissing.

Paddy, Miff and James were discussing what success would look like for Celtic on the back of a 1-0 loss to Livingston when Miff gave us his opinion on what he would regard as ‘success’ for the team this season, “I think, to me, it would be regarded as a success if we get to the turn of the year, and we’re on level games and within seven or eight points, I think I’d take that.

I think that that’s still within reasonable striking distance.

And by the way, most likely, the team that we’re going to be in competition with are Rangers and they are not great.

I’m saying this from the point of view that they vulnerable and if we can string a run of results together, I think it would put a lot of pressure on them. But I don’t think we are going to be capable of that.”

After last season’s debacle, not many Celtic fans would have taken their team as title contenders, especially when looking at the state of the current squad, but if the Hoops did manage to get that close with the transfer window in mind, would there be a chance of toppling the team from Govan?

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One thought on ““I think I’d take that” – Respected Celtic podcaster reveals what success would be for Hoops this season”

  1. unless we can implement a planB when things arent working,we will be out of europe and to far behind in the league by xmas.we are still lacking a proper goalscorer,midfielder and quality defender.

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