“I think he’s the prized asset” – Mark Guidi’s brilliant Sevconomics on show.

I have listened to a lot of guff regarding Rangers and their players, more specifically, the valuations on their squad.

From Alfredo’s £40m move to China, to Ryan Kent’s £20m+ valuations. WE have heard them all.

But this latest one from Mark Guidi on Go Radio takes the biscuit.

As they pondered the millions upon millions GvB will or won’t get to spend in January (my money is on won’t), Guidi suggested that player sales may have to facilitate some movement in the window for the Ibrox club.

He suggested that Rangers may sell their prized asset in January to do that, but I wasn’t expecting this from the journalist, “He knows what he’s got to do. He’ll be up for the challenge.

What we don’t know, but Giovanni will know is what he’s allowed to do and not do in January.

What is the movement boing to be like? He wants to bring in one or two of his own players, for sure.

There’ll be interested in one or two Rangers players for sure. I think now the prized asset at Rangers is Nathan Patterson.

I think he is at this moment in time is a player who would command the highest transfer fee. I’ve included Alfredo Morelos. and Ryan Kent in that.

If he has to create his own funds, and I don’t know if he does, if he does have to create his own funds he may have to stick with the experience of Tavernier.

So with Kent being valued very recently by the media hacks at £20m, is he really suggesting that a guy with a handful of games and one trophy to his name is going to go for roughly the same amount of money as Kieran Tierney?


No wonder that club is in a mess. If the media paid as much attention to what they are spending instead of fawning over how much their players are worth, they would never be allowed to follow their previous incarnations past!

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