Former Celtic striker baffling criticism of Hoops stars

Frank McAvennie is a strange pundit.

When he comments on Celtic it’s almost always with negativity.

And I get it. To get people to read your material, you need to be controversial right?

But there’s controversial and just not reading the room. Or getting your facts right.

You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Speaking to Football Insider, McAvennie was running the rule over Celtic defender Anthony Ralston.

Ralston, after some excellent form this year, earned himself a new four year contract and as each passing game shows, he is worthy of that new deal.

McAvennie was speaking about Ralston’s new deal when he decided to launch into a mind boggling analysis that I don’t think any Celtic fan would agree with, “He’s seen a chance because there isn’t another right-back and he’s taken it.

“My criticism is his defending. He is wonderful going forward but I want to see him defend better.

“I don’t think that is too much to ask. He’s only a young boy and he has great people around him.

“Stephen McManus and John Kennedy were both defenders, they should be showing Ralston the ropes.

“I know Celtic play on the front foot, that’s why he is doing brilliantly. You can’t deny the improvement.

“I will admit, I criticised him. That doesn’t just go for Ralston by the way, the entire defence needs to learn how to defend.

Now hold on. I think McAvennie has it all mixed up here! Ralston’s defending is not in question here. It was his ability to get forward that many fans had an issue with.

No doubt that area of his game has improved and he just keeps getting better, but Ralston put his body on the line every, single match.

And as for the the rest of the defence? Celtic has the best defensive record in the league. How is that not defending?

Yes, they need to work on playing out from the back but learn to defend?

I think Macca needs to have a look at himself here.

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One thought on “Former Celtic striker baffling criticism of Hoops stars”

  1. I for one agree with macevenie because Celtic have been guilty of not closing down players quickenough you only have to look at the 2nd goal from last night you can clearly see that Ralston is the player directly in front of the ferenchvaros player but doesn’t go and close him down quickly enough and therefore they get their 2nd goal from it if you haven’t seen it I suggest you watch it and you will see where I’m coming from as for McManus/Kennedy they are defensive coaches and should be drilling that into them although as a defender my self it should come as natural instinct

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