“Expected from a Daily Record journo – Hoops fans rip Hugh Keevins’ latest anti Celtic article apart

When I read this article, in fact, when I read this HEADLINE I was left perplexed that a comparison like this could even be made, never mind hold water.

Hugh Keevins’ latest ramblings in his column over the weekend when he claimed, “Steven Gerrard is Rangers’ Wim Jansen” almost made me spit out my cornflakes.

To compare Gerrard’s achievements to Jansen’s simply because he stopped Celtic’s charge to ten in a row is a very simplistic and narrow minded view to take on the Dutchman’s legacy.

First off, it only took one attempt by Jansen to stop and please don’t buy into the hype that Gerrard had taken over a basket case of a club with it’s own rebuild. Jansen lost top players like Di Canio, Cadete, Andy Thom and John Hughes.

Celtic had their own rebuild to contend with and all requiring it to be done in one summer.

Gerrard got three cracks at it with a multitude of millions thrown his way to do it. Jansen spent just over £3m and won a double.

But then the Celtic fans, and Hugh, all know this but the only difference is that Keevins used his national newspaper column to push an agenda that still took the time to take a swipe at current boss Ange Postecoglou.

But as always, the Hoops fans are not daft and Keevins was called out on his gibberish as Celtic fans reacted to is on twitter:

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