over the shoulder view of a referee showing the red card

Former Hibs man makes bizarre Starfelt accusation

The Celtic v Hibs game is still causing a lot of discussion in the media. The VAR and refereeing decisions that were involved in the game have been met with derision from the Hibs manager and for the Celtic fans, they were not happy with Lee Johnson or his Hibs teams time wasting antics that they felt should have been dealt with better on the day.

But the main talking point of the day was the red card issued to Hibs striker Elie Youan.

Many people felt the second booking was harsh on the Hibs (which I agree with) but Tam McManus’s view on the first yellow was very, very bizarre.

Speaking on PLZ, McManus said, “I wasn’t impressed with Celtic. I think they huffed and puffed.

I think the game changes with the red card which, in my opinion, was never, ever a yellow card.

I thought the first one was even soft.

I thought Starfelt goes down rolling about. I don’t think there’s a lot of contact.”

Ok Tam, here is the tackle here:

Forget what the former Rangers players on Sportscene said, Youan goes in, studs up, no attempt to play the ball. It’s a book all day long.

And to say Starfelt was just ‘rolling about’? Anyone that’s played football at any level, getting a knock on the top of the foot or even getting stood on is painful enough but a full force kicking from a guys that’s built like a tank?

I just find this take on the first tackle really strange.

I remember a huge fuss made over a non tackle involving Ryan Porteous at Ibrox last season and how he was sent off for ‘intent’ even though no contact was made yet, here we are, with a real illegal, studs up tackle with contact and pundits like these guys are claiming it was soft.

I despair. I really do.

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