“Ah don’t listen tae hings” – Allan McGregor’s ramblings mug off Sevco fans in embarrassing Goldson interview

There’s one thing being in denial. It’s another when you are just blatantly lying.

And clearly, that’s what Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor was doing when he was asked about the Conor Goldson post match comments after their 1-0 loss to Hibs in the Premier Sports Cup at Hampden.

Aired by Go Radio, McGregor was indignant when asked about the incident in a reply that surely must go down as one of the dumbest replies about the hottest story in Scotland at the moment, “Naw I never, as probably you well know, ah don’t read papers or listen tae hings.

So I’ve no heard what he said. So I thought this was about Thursday this press conference.

That didnae happen. It’s nothing to do with tomorrow I don’t hink.”

So I guess he never heard van Bronckhorst speak about it in his press conference revealing him as the new Rangers gaffer?

I guess he never said a thing to his team mates as they meekly surrendered their bid for the cup?

I also guess he never asked his captain why he didn’t take the post match presser as well and none of his teammates seen it or never spoke about it?

Why lie? Why make such a stupid claim when all of Scotland has heard what he said?

Why not just say I don’t want to speak about it but to claim he’s not heard what Goldson said is just a slap to the 30,000 or so Rangers fans that paid £35 to watch their team surrender.

There are deep rooted issues at that club and if they don’t recover tonight with a win, I’m sure McGregor will hear all about it from the stands.

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