Celtic fans are not fooled by Derek McInnes’ embarrassing post-match Rangers interview

Kilmarnock manager, Derek McInnes

Celtic are still top of the league after a weekend that almost promised another Rangers meltdown after Kilmarnock gave the Ibrox club a fright.

After Celtic beat Hearts 3-0, hopes were high (maybe naively) that Kilmarnock would have turned up at Ibrox to put on a show given that they have given us a hard game twice this season.

It wasn’t to be as another pattern of assistance gifted Rangers a penalty and reduced Kilmarnock to ten men after the Ayrshire club was 1-0 up.

The ensuing penalty was missed but it still didn’t stop questions being raised about how the referee and VAR came to their red card conclusion.

McInnes non-plussed about pro-Rangers decisions

So you would think the Killie manager, Derek McInnes, would have been raging, right? Wrong.

Have a watch of this:

He didn’t seem too upset that the referee and match officials effectively cost his team three precious Ibrox points.

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He also didn’t seem too upset that he could have been the first Kilmarnock manager to win at Ibrox since 2018.

In fact, McInnes just seemed to shrug his shoulders with his ‘rules are rules’ comment and they didn’t wash with the Celtic fans.

Another two fans said if that was given against Celtic he would not have been happy:

And these fans said that if the penalty and red card was awarded at Celtic Park, McInnes would have had plenty to say.

Long and short, just when Rangers needed it, a little helping hand came along to give them a punt up.

The penalty was just about the right call but the red card just made sure that whatever happened with the spot-kick, a wee one man advantage would be enough to help them pick up the three points at Ibrox.

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