Steven Gerrard is trending as Aston Villa forced to release ‘sack’ statement

Celtic Park from the Forge car park

We all knew this would come at some point, didn’t we?

Scottish football’s most over rated manager left *Rangers almost a year ago after Aston Villa came knocking.

Stevie G couldn’t get out fast enough with Michael Beale and after watching Celtic rack up treble after treble and reach our nine in a row, the one trophy wonder, who was a game away from the sack before COVID hit, left Scotland with the Scottish media’s tongue still firmly wedged between his ar*se cheeks for the riches of the EPL.

Whilst the *Rangers fans began the hate fest towards their former manager, the Celtic fans always knew he would be found out eventually and now the penny is starting to drop with the Villa fans.

So much so that the former Liverpool legend was trending on Twitter as rumours circulated he was sacked.

This morning the Villa board took the unprecedented step of releasing a statement to DENY that they has parted company with Gerrard but it does seem like it’s just a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

Strangely, Villa’s form worsened when Michale Beale departed the club this season lending more weight to the theory that Gerrards No2 was the real brains behind his ‘success’ in Glasgow.

It will be just a matter of time before Gerrard is shown the door and who wants to take bets that as soon as it happens, ANge Postecoglou will be immediately linked with the job.

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