Ibrox at Broomloan Road

“Just know this guy cried him self to sleep last night” – Bizarre Sevco fan in England top Queen video goes viral

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes another one to show you that there is no sign of intelligent life around the Govan end of Glasgow when it comes to the Monarchy.

Their fascination with Royalty that couldn’t give two hoots about them is just bizarre and when a couple of them were asked about why the country needs the Royal Family, this guy had me convinced:

I mean. wtf is this all about?

A Scottish guy (Rangers fan) in an England top telling us how we would only have £10 giro’s if the Royal Family wasn’t here.

Have I got that right?

They really are a different breed that lot and it’s no wonder their original club died with logic like this.

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