“Willie Nelson was a member of the Provos. Fact!” – Follow Follows brilliant moonhowling thread and hilarious Adidas accusation

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

This site is just a hotbed of maniacs isn’t it?

It’s brilliant. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve written about that site and it’s many ramblings but this one is the best so far.

The title gives it away: Adidas Supporting Terrorism

Cracker right? But not as good as what’s inside the thread.

From delusion to hysteria, here is what prompted the thread:

It’s also the first line from a song sang by Donkey in the movie Shrek when they go to save Princess Fiona but let’s not take away from the brilliance of this paranoid nonsense.

Some of the replies are just first class:

Not everyone had the same thought process as the moonhowler that started the thread. There were a few that called out the nonsense:

And this one wins it for me:

Thank you Follow Follow. Please, never change.

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