“Looks like a wee boy looking for his mammy” – Sevco fans turn as new boy gets first half pelters

Celtic Park

Doesn’t really take long for them to turn on their players does it?

The heroes from Seville (if they ever where that) before kick off, were a shoe in to win this game tonight.

In fact, when the next round draw was made and Monaco and PSV were pulled out the hat, those Rangers fans already had their team there in the next round as they claimed the “fear no for”.

Hilarious now that they are behind against a Belgian side they were so sure of beating that all they had to do was turn up.

Not to be and as Rangers trail 1-0 at half time, Rabbi Matondo who was celebrated as rejecting us for them just over a week ago is the target for the twitter hard men.

So glad Matondo “rejected” us for them now eh Bhoys?

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  • 20 mins to sus out Sevco. David Martindale should look at that game and see how to beat his heroes. 1st actually score and continue to try and get another. 2nd, see number 1.
    VAR, bet it will be ditched now.

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