“Horrified”, “Becoming concerning”, “Attention seeking fud” – Reality bites Sevco fans hard at latest announcement

Celtic Park

I find them a strange bunch, these Newco supporters.

They never seem to question anything until it’s too late.

They are following the same path they went down whilst supporting the old Rangers.

£13m on Tore Andre Flo? ‘We arra peepo!

And when they went into administration then died? ‘How the f*** did that happen?

And it seems lessons have still not been learned.

After all the talk of them earning $1b from their super, duper amazing run in Europes second tier competition, the fans were expecting the club to splash the cash this summer.

So far? Nothing. Not a peep. And they are surprised at that which is incredible because it’s as if they’ve forgotten that the club have raked up over £100m in losses for two trophies and the ‘We nearly won the Europa League’ Cup.

So when they start to re-sign current squad players, does the penny drop? Kind of, but not in they way you would think.

Rather than question why the club have gave new contracts to players over 35 years old and not spending money replacing them, they talk about where they will fit in the first team:


Absolutely bizarre! But, let them carry on. We’ll continue to build our club for the future whilst they still revel in the past.

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