“If Romano is reporting this there is real substance to it” – Phil Mac on last nights transfer meltdown

Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

Fabrizio Romano.

The man everyone listens to when it comes to transfers.

Very rarely, it at all, gets any of his predictions wrong when it comes to player moves which is why when he speaks, everyone listens.

I was discussing this last night with a high profile Celtic blogger. He was completely refuting the rumour and I put it like this. ‘I’ve been with my wife over 20 years. If Fab told me she was a man, I would defo check.’

That’s how much he is trusted on these matters.

Some fans though simply refused to believe the Juranovic rumour. Flat out denied it to the point where they tried to discredit Romano’s ‘ITK’ credentials.

But these same fans lauded him when he announced his Jota update.

Very strange.

Anyway, Phil Mac Ghiolla Bháin in his latest blog put his weight behind the rumours and for those fans that don’t believe Fabs Juranovic story? You better look away now

Some good news in that Phil questions the weight Romano’s claim makes, but then the reality that the fans need to face up to. The transfer specialist know his stuff.


  • Expected to leave” is no the same thing as “will leave”. Given that there are many clubs casting coveting glances at the lad he may well go (for a hefty, hefty fee I would add) but nothing is definite at this time, not even a bid. I for one hope he doesn’t leave for at least another season…

  • What absolute pish!!!
    Celtic have an array of great footballers and will no doubt attract interest and attention of clubs around the globe. But this clickbait shite is exactly that. I couldn’t give a monkeys if Phil or Romano believe it to be true. They’re not part of the Celtic board and enough with the KGB “I got a spy or a inside source” guff trying to get the lead on a non story. Granted, they get a few things right, but also get plenty wrong, and this is one of them. Only the Celtic board and Ange know who will be going and who they will be going after. Not Fabrizio or Phil.

    He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty Bhoy😝


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