“Remember that time you shut their stand for racism” – Celtic fans rinse UEFA’s ironic pro Sevco tweet

Ibrox Stadium

Seems like time is a healer with UEFA isn’t it?

Just one season on from shutting a stand at Ibrox for racist singing, twice, the European governing body sent out one of the most ironic tweets of the decade.

Celebrating that great European atmosphere at Ibrox is always been at the forefront of my mind. Well, that was before the knees, and the fenians and all that blood but it seems that the Ibrox support have cleaned their act up to get this recognition from them:

Which is very strange. Because let’s face it. Nothing has changed at Ibrox. All they’ve done is the equivalent of a credit card balance transfer where they take all the toxicity of interest rates (the singing) and moved them onto a card where they are not charged for anything (SPFL). Ever.

A zero interest for life agreement it would seem.

Because we have all heard their songbook all season. Even in the highly televised Scottish Cup semi final, their ‘songs’ were in full flow.

But it’s cool. It wasn’t in UEFA’s competition so that makes it alright.

But at least it shows the SFA and SPFL for the spineless organisations that they are.

At least there are some people willing to call it out, and in true Celtic fan fashion, it’s left to the boys in green and white to dish out a dose of reality:

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