Everyone Anyone takes a back seat as Sevco fans’ casual racism pokes it’s ugly head out. Again

What is wrong with these peepul? Really. I’m genuinely asking the question.

Why can’t they just criticise their opponents players or teams without using racial or sectarian slurs that make them look like knuckledragging morons?

I get football is an emotional game. I get that passions runs high and sometimes after the game people say things in the heat of the moment that they are either trying to make sound funny, or are just being downright racist.

But to go onto social media a full five hours after a game, think of something, type it then send it, tells you that this isn’t just emotion. It’s just plain moronic.

So there we have it. Imagine if Celtic fans used a film analogy to describe their black players. The uproar would be incredible. And rightly so.

Racism is racism. No matter what form it comes in and it needs called out at every single turn.

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  • Huns are racist? Tell us something we don’t know. Or tell us what they said instead of just posting a bit of virtue signalling perhaps?

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