“Pathetic”, “Bottle merchants”, Two words, not good enough” – The Bears are angry as Well park Rangers

Isn’t this a day for ups and downs?

After the disappointment at Easter Road, *Rangers entertained Motherwell today in what should have been a routine victory for the European World Champions of Mega Euro Results.

The hype really got to them didn’t it? They really thought that Gio was the mutts nuts after they dispatched Dortmund on Thursday night.

But as so often happens after a euphoric victory there is the realisation that teams domestically simply don’t allow you anytime to rest on your laurels.

Rangers should have been put of sight this afternoon but as the Ibrox club dropped down the gears, Motherwell woke up and taught them a harsh lesson. Never take anything for granted.

Because their fans do. They assume that because they are now the world champions of the Bundesliga, all show bow before them.

Until their rude awakening today. 2-0 up at half time to surrender their lead to a 2-2 draw.

And those bears are very angry:

What a difference three days make!

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