“Never sing Grace again. Ever.”, “Get out our club”, “Swap your ticket for Ibrox” – WWE star and Celtic fans rage at Rod Stewarts latest tweet

Talk about knowing your audience.

Rod Stewart does and he plays to the gallery very well.

The veteran singer has been a Celtic fan since, well I actually don’t know when, and regularly takes the opportunity to visit Celtic Park for the biggest games of the season.


But last night he absolutely scored an own goal with his latest twitter offering that prompted, bizarrely, a stunning reply from WWE star Joe Coffey:

Stewart famously recorded the song Grace after hearing the Celtic fans sing it at a Scottish Cup Final (those big games again eh?) and received criticism in the ignorant press for it. Defending himself hes said at the time, “If you mean it’s an IRA song, it isn’t,” he told The Independent.

“They were the Irish freedom fighters then, but more importantly it’s a great love song.”

Irish freedom fighters fighting for what Rod?

This enraged the Celtic support especially after they had not forgiven after the singer praised Boris Johnson after his election win back in December 2019.

He’s done himself no favours after his latest twitter gaffe:

Stunning own goal by Rod!


  • Rod, just bolt mate and take your sticky pal Brazil with you

  • A club open to all, unless you have different opinions

  • Prices are going through the roof, we have a Prime Minister giving a nod and a wink to encourage right wing nutters, the world is going to hell in a handcart and we’re getting upset about one English geriatric saying nice things about another. Get a life.

  • Rods best ever song was “I was only joking” ,,,celtic fans need to lighten up or swap their address for an Irish one .

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