“Ah didnae mean it that way” – Barry Ferguson on Rogic comments

Tom Rogic’s comments after Celtic’s 4-0 demolition of Motherwell certainly set the heather on fire amongst the Hoops fans and the media.

After a Sky reporter tried to insinuate that Celtic might feel the pressure now that they are top of the league, Rogic said [via Vital Celtic], “I mean we have been the top of the pile for the last decade.

“Off of the back of last season it was a huge disappointment. 

“It’s a familiar position for a lot of us it’ just about keep working hard. Keep the head down and not get too carried away with it.”

When asked about the comments on Go Radio by Paul Cooney, Barry Ferguson said, “I watched that interview and it brought a wee smile to my face. Having a wee dig. But listen, you never hear Rogic speak.

One thing about him is, he’s a proper player. For the size of him with ability in t hat left peg of his. He’s a top level operator.

And it was going back couple years ago the guy could never play 90 minutes. It looks fine to me. I spoke to Oz [Craig Moore] about it and I was like, does he have an injury problem and he said it has nothing to do with this fitness.

He can do some things with a ball that some other footballers can’t.”

Cooney asked, “Was a wee bit of a dig? I thought it was just saying about the nine in a row.

Ferguson replied, “You know what I mean. Ah didnae mean it that way Paul. If I’m a *Rangers player I’m sitting looking at it going ‘Ok, game on’

Decent comments by Ferguson and he was 100% correct. It WAS a dig. It WAS a nod to the blue half of Glasgow that this is not new to the club.

With the amount of trophies won over the last decade, there is a core of players at the club that are used to being in a winning position and Rogic just batted the loaded question away with a superb dunt towards Ibrox.

And we loved it!

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