Watch as Sky Sports pundit’s tear Kris Boyd apart

What can be said here about Kris Boyd that hasn’t already been said before?

If there was a village missing an idiot, all they would need to do to find him is to tune into Sky Sports whenever Celtic are playing and they will find him.

Incoherent ramblings, no depth to his analysis, Boyd is simply the Sky Sports clown that is wheeled out anytime they need a ratings boost.

And to be fair to them, it works.

Celtic fans detest him. Like me, they tune in just to see what he’ll see next.

It doesn’t make him a good pundit or that we genuinely want to hear what he’s got to say.

It makes him a side show and to be honest, the reflects more on Sky and their attitude towards our game.

Put it this way, do they allow a pundit like him to cover their English Premier League games? Of course not because they would be absolutely pilloried for it.

And just to prove this theory that he is not taken seriously by his employers, watch this video as Jeff Stelling and co rip him apart in a two minute horror show for the former Rangers striker. Enjoy.

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  • I think you are way off the mark here. To be fair, I think he handled himself quite well.

  • What is the point in your blog because if the board don’t call it out then what chance have we got as normal football fans please put this comment on your blog because we can all give Kris Boyd dogs abuse but at the end of the day the board are the only ones who have the power to stop this crap and put a total ban on these people & TV networks from entering our stadium and bringing our club’s name through the gutter

  • PLEASE stop being fascinated by this moron.wgaf what he says or thinks? Hes an irrelevance

  • Celtic being ridiculed on sky sports every chance Kris Boyd is on is not good for the club the guy is an idiot with a big mouth but no brain he can’t analyze games just gives opinions that are designed to offend someone somewhere have switched to by sky going downhill fast with all this

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