Celtic fans react to Hugh Keevins’ baffling Kris Boyd tweet

Now, let me start straight off the bat. The abuse Kris Boyd took from the Celtic fans yesterday is regretable.

Whatever you think of him, thousands of fans calling him a ‘fat orange b*stard‘ is not a great look for the club. It’s wrong and only further helps build sympathy for a man that makes a living out of trying to be controversial. If they had just stuck with fat, then yeah, can’t really argue with that.

However, what has also caused a fresh storm last night was a tweet sent out by Clyde 1 pundit, Hugh Keevins defending the actions of a man that courts controversy.

Now, what is ‘great’ about this bloke?

He is defending a man that openly pandered to his fanbase by referring to Celtic’s greatest ever manager as Big JK in a national article. And a man that encouraged a pile on at Leigh Griffiths in his infamous ‘karma’ article when the on loan Celtic striker was about to take them on at Dens Park earlier on in the season. Yeah, great bloke indeed.

Also what is apparent is Hugh’s silence over the well publicised Tommy Burns song that was belted out in full flow last week. Now Keevins said he did refer to in his weekly article yesterday (I haven’t read it so I’ll take his word for it) but where was his tweet of condemnation then?

Where was his disgust shown on the radio show he appeared in three times since?

There was none.

Now, I’ll say again. The abuse of Kris Boyd should never have happened, but Hugh’s choice of who he defends and when leaves a huge question mark on who he choses to call a ‘great bloke’.

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