I read an article where Gordon Strachan absolutely destroyed the pundit’s and their coverage of the incoming Celtic boss, Ange Postecoglou, and thought ‘I wish we had a manager like that’. Someone to stick the boot into the media hacks whenever they attacked our club.

And it really brought back memories of how Strachan used to handle the press as Celtic manager. With thanks to, here are some of Strachan’s belting replies that should hopefully put a smile on your face through these dark times:

“We even competed for the acne cream when we were younger. Obviously, I won that one.”
Strachan on Rangers manager and former Aberdeen team-mate Alex McLeish.

“So it’s not easy. If I put Riordan in instead of Nakamura, you’re off your head; take Aiden out, you’re off your head; leave Maciej out, you’re off your head. So basically, I’m off my head.”
WGS on Riordan situation as fans/media asking why he is not playing ahead of some of the numpties we have in attack, April 2007

Interviewer: “Gordon tell us how your feeling winning back to back title here today”
WGS: “Sorry I cannae describe my position to anybody…. I’d love tae but…. I’ve never taken drugs but I wonder if it’s a bit like this!”
On winning the Scottish Premier League and winning game in 92nd minute of game v Killie (Apr 2007)

Asked if changing the shape of the team was the one way in which he could surprise Spartak, he offered a characteristically sharp response:
“Well, not if you and I keep talking about it.”
WGS on tactics before the Champions League qualifiers (Aug 07)

“Fans can be easily manipulated by you,(press) You can start wars you people , never mind going for managers “In reference to the press (Aug 07)

And this one, every Celtic fan can relate to and love WGS for it: “I don’t know if there is another big club where the supporters have a love like the supporters have a love for this club.”
WGS on the Celtic fans (quote taken from “Celtic Minded 2” (book), 2006)

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