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“Will be getting the walkie talkies and bouncy castles out again soon” – Celtic fans react as Sevco fans £5 transfer kitty fundraising idea goes viral

You know those times where you wouldn’t believe what you are reading until unless it was right in front of you?

Like when Rangers died. If you had just dropped into a time machine and someone told you it happened you would check, right?

Well this is one of those times.

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Straight from The Banter Years handbook, this idea was mooted by a Rangers fan in a desperate bid to help their club raise money so they can catch up with us on the park:

I mean where do they come up with these guys?

£100m in losses and they still can’t keep up with us. What makes them think a fiver a month is going to change anything?

The spivs in their boardroom would probably use it to recoup their ten year losses so I say go ahead lads.

Fill your boots. Keep us posted how it goes though, eh?

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