Celtic Park

“Where it the noble one now?” – Crawford Allen’s silence is telling as Celtic fans call out ref boss’s hypocrisy

This, I have to say, is a very excellent point raised by this Celtic fan:

All it took was for Kyogo to score a goal that was onside that looked offside and Allen was quick to become a media whore and condemn the Celtic striker.

And now that there are legitimate concerns being raised about a system that is not failing the football fans but also the referees? Allen’s silence really is quite telling.

And so is the media’s apparent lack of willingness to invite them on their shows.

And why would that be? Because they all know that they cannot defend the indefensible.

They can’t hand on heart look at these VAR decisions and come to the conclusion that either the game is bent towards one team in the city or that the officials are so inept and poor that it seems that they can only bring themselves to give the hard decisions to a team that plays in blue from Ibrox that calls themselves Rangers.

Which, in turn, makes the game bent.

It really is a conundrum. Maybe Allen is doing the right thing.

Maybe he should sit this one out.

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