On their way to Paradise

Former Aberdeen legend makes incredible Lisbon Lions claim

Right, I know I’m a Celtic fan and I know I’m going to biased here but surely to Christ no-one actually thinks this apart from this guy?

Right off the bat, Celtic’s victory in Lisbon in 1967 goes down as Scottish football’s greatest ever achievement.

Absolutely no question about it. Unless you are Aberdeen legend John McMaster.

McMaster was part of the Aberdeen side that won the European Cup winners Cup against Real Madrid back in 1983.

An outstanding achievement. No question about it. And it’s an achievement he believes that eclipses the Lisbon Lions.

As reported by the Aberdeen Live, McMaster said, “In Scotland we’re not supposed to win European trophies. And with the resources Aberdeen had, we shouldn’t have won ours.

“But we did. I’m not being biased, with the resources Celtic and Rangers had, 60,000 fans every week, but for us to lift European silverware outwith our country that should be lauded way above Celtic and Rangers.

“Don’t get me wrong, I was a Celtic fan that night (Lisbon) and I became a Rangers fan that night (Barcelona).

“I was always a Morton fan and then I was an Aberdeen man, but that, for me, has got to be the biggest achievement out of the three. In a financial sense, we were punching above our weight.

Anyone else having that? Good so it’s not just me that thinks he’s talking absolute sh*te then?

Thank God for that.

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