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“He’s a bit of a Homer Simpson” – Former Celt Chris Sutton’s brutal but brilliant takedown of Beale

After another defeat to Celtic, Rangers boss Michael Beale is under a bit if pressure now at Ibrox.

When he arrived at the club, his motormouth did nothing but talk up Rangers whilst trying to downplay Celtic’s achievements.

And now it looks like the chickens have come home to roost.

Discussing Beale, Chris Sutton laid into the Rangers boss and hammered him for his early season cockiness.

 Speaking on 5 Live, Sutton said, “We have talked about Michael Beale a lot. When he went into Rangers, he was talking them up and that they could compete with Celtic.

“He’s a bit of a Homer Simpson into the hedge now. Reality has hit home and he is having to eat some humble pie, I think he is shocked in truth, Micah.

“I think he has carved out a really good reputation as a coach. He’s gone to Rangers and you just can’t finish second and he will need a rebuild now, he has to get his transfers right.”

Getting his transfers right is going to be a huge issue for Beale. Especially if the numbers being reported on his transfer budget for next season are correct.

I, for one, hope Beale keeps talking. I hope he continues down this path because if he does, then the Rangers fans predictions of his being sacked by Christmas will come true.

“I’m told” – Phil Mac; Beale under pressure with Ibrox board and priority transfer target shelved

The pain at Ibrox is now such, that the Rangers fans cannot bear to contemplate losing to Celtic on Sunday.

And neither can the Ibrox board apparently.

After Rangers 2-0 defeat to Aberdeen, Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain has said that the Ibrox board are unhappy with Beale and that their plans to sign their top transfer target this summer have been shelved.

Writing in his recent blog, Phil said:

But wait! Was Beale not the Messiah? The brains behind the Gerrard revolution that delivered one trophy in four years?

Ah wait, now it’s starting to make sense. Now I know why Beale is full of  such unadulterated b*llsh*t.

All the talk he does in the media is simply because he doesn’t know what he is doing on the park.

He is being found out. And his paymasters know it.

Lovely isn’t it.

Celtic fan’s outstanding reaction to latest Beale comparison

It’s a massive GIF drop. As Celtic run away with the league and head towards a domestic treble, Ange Postecoglou has been likened to the managerial greats in World football.

No wait! I got that mixed up. As Michael Beale flounders about after being found out against Aberdeen, the Rangers boss has been compared to some of the best managers in the world.

Amazing isn’t it? A guy that has won the square root of f*ck is still getting smoke blown up his backside with the Scottish media.

Check this belter out:

As Forrest Gump once famously said, “I might not be the smartest man…..”

But seriously, why does our media entertain such garbage? It’s little wonder ourr game is looked upon as being tinpot when this sort of garbage is being peddled.

Enough of my rants. Enjoy these replies from the Celtic fans. The GIF drop pretty much sums up our feelings towards this guff!

The Celtic stats the media can’t deny; Michael Beale facts laid bare

Mick Beale came into Rangers promising to close the gap. Challenge Ange Postecoglou and reinstate the Ibrox outfit as Scotland’s top team.

In press conferences full of bluster and hot air, Beale’s side was brutally exposed by an Aberdeen side full of confidence at Pittodrie yesterday.

Yet for all the excuses the Rangers manager offered, the stats after that defeat cannot be denied.

Beale was sleekit. He was quick to distance himself from losing the league yesterday when he claimed that the damage was done before yesterday’s capitulation in Pittodrie.

But, what cannot be denied is that statistically, Rangers are worse of at this stage of the season than they were last season.

I wonder what Mick’s Mooth has to say about that?