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Kris Boyd says he would have Celtic Invincible over Kyogo ‘all day long’

This is a debate I didn’t expect to be honest. When talking Celtic strikers recently all the comparisons that have been getting made is whether or not Kyogo is the best striker since Henrik Larsson.

Celtic fans have been discussing this over the past few weeks as the Japanese striker threatened to break the 40 goal barrier for the club.

But Kris Boyd has taken the debate in a different direction.

As Ange Postecoglou’s side look to break the league points total set by Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic, the Sky Sports pundit has been comparing our Japanese striker to Frenchman, Moussa Dembele

Writing in his column in The Sun, Boyd said, “The No 1 position on the pitch is, and always will be, your striker.

“There is no doubt for me that Moussa Dembele is a more talented footballer than Kyogo Furuhashi.

“Yes, they have two different styles of play and I’m not sure Dembele would be the right fit for the current Celtic side.

“Kyogo certainly works harder and his movement is superb, but as a fellow forward, if you’re asking me who I’d rather have in my team, it’d be Dembele all day long.

“That is not to take anything away from Kyogo, but there was a certain swagger with the Frenchman.”

Boyd is at least correct in one of his assertions, Dembele wouldn’t be a fit for Ange’s side. The defensive demands that the Celtic boss puts on his front line is not part of the former Celtic strikers game.

However, if you are talking in goalscoring stats alone, Boyd is way off the mark.

In 94 appearances for Celtic, Dembele scored 51 goals. So far, in just 76 appearances Kyogo has already hit 43.

Whilst there is no disputing the quality that Demebele has, Kyogo is just as deadly in front of goal but also brings more to the team.

Boyd needs to concern himself at what’s going on at Ibrox and stop meddling in Celtic’s business.

Kris Boyd’s clownshow continues with yet another slight on Celtic fans

His team won today. You think he’d be happy.

You’d think that closing the gap at the top of the league to three points would be enough to make Kris Boyd actually try and be professional at his job for once.

The constant snide remarks towards our club and fans have become all too frequent it’s a miracle that Sky employ such an unprofessional pundit.

Speaking on Sky Sports today after our rivals 3-1 win at Motherwell, Boyd does as Boyd does and commented on the referee performance with a sly dig at the Celtic fans, “I just can’t wait to hear all of the Motherwell fan club blame Nick Walsh for the result today.”

There literally is no need for his bawbaggery.

I know he thinks he’s being funny but all he’s doing, and Sky knows this, is play to the lowest common denominator of their fan base.

Sky’s coverage of Scottish football is bad enough without having this sideshow clown cause division and, hopefully, a falling subscription rate for a service that quite frankly isn’t worth Celtic fans good money.

Kris Boyd talking sense or running scared? His latest Sevco prediction is ridiculous though

No I am not going off my head. Far from it. But it seems Kris Boyd is finally talking sense about this seasons title race.

In his latest column, it’s not filled with anti Celtic rhetoric or his usual diatribe where he tries to be make himself look relevant with an outrageous anti Celtic claim or pro Rangers narrative.

But this time, he seems genuinely concerned that Celtic could take the title because of his tribute clubs progress in Europe.

And the thing is? He’s 100% correct.

Celtic are in pole position for the league. And todays 4-0 win against Ross County only reinforces that.

With Rangers squad being tested to the max with their current Euro run, it is only a matter of time before all these extra minutes take its toll.

And as Celtic return to full strength with just Kyogo awaiting a return, the next seven games should, in theory, be a lot easier to navigate for the Parkhead boys.

And Boyd is running scared.

He knows the run in Europe will take its toll. He knows it gives Celtic the advantage

And his remedy to that? He predicts that Rangers could go on and win the tournament.

Brilliant. Just when you think you’ve escaped the Kris Boyd madness, he just pulls you right back in again.

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“He never put a glove on anybody” – John Hartson rinses Kris Boyd on live radio

This is my final word on Kris Boyd (unless he makes an *rse of himself on Sky tonight) and the Callum McGregor story.

As the Celtic captain addressed the whole Maskgate at the press conference yesterday, it seems that for McGregor, the whole thing has been put to bed.

But not before former Celtic striker John Hartson has had his say.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, the former Celtic striker laid into Boyd and delivered a crushing one liner on the former Rangers man, “Well, I think Callum himself when he said that when he saw the comments he felt it was a bit in bad taste.

He has commented and he said that Kris Boyd got in contact and as far as he is concerned it is finished.

I don’t quite know in terms of did he mean, a player should go smash Callum McGregor in the face and let’s test his mask.

I don’t think it was quite as let’s try and roughen things up a little bit .

I think it was lets get close to Callum McGregor. I don’t know why Kris Boyd is doing that because he never put a glove on anybody during his career.

You know, he didn’t even get close to anybody at times to do that.

But if he’s insinuating that the Rangers players should have gone in and been sort of more aggressive around Callum McGregor, then, I think Callum thought that was in bad taste and I actually agree with him.”

Boyd was on the ‘unfit’ side and he could never get near anyone during his playing days but lets hope now, that the motormouth has learned his lesson and he chooses his words more carefully when trying to create a headline.