“Sportscene should change its name to Penalty to Rangers” – Daily Record journalist joins in the twitter trend

You can never be failed to be amazed.

If it’s not a red card they get, it’s a penalty.

Those three little words are expected every time they play and more often than not, they are uttered at least 2-3 times a month.

And it’s not just the Celtic fans who are surprised by it all.

It’s spreading to fans of other clubs and those three words are synonymous now with Scottish football.

However, the inevitable happened and no sooner as the penalty was awarded, the social media platform was awash with all the usual replies.

There is also a running joke going on that is now a constant theme. The Rangers penalty sweep stake is taking twitter by storm as well the football fans are so confident the Govan club will get awarded one.

But hey, we must all just be paranoid tho eh?

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