John Hartson three word tweet causes twitter meltdown as he is subjected to shocking online abuse

Penalty to Rangers.

I wrote earlier about how that phrase has become synonymous with Scottish football and how a Daily Record journalist has now joined in on the twitter trend.

It really has got that bad.

Former Celtic striker John Hartson also viewed his opinions on the matter and was met with a tirade of shocking online abuse from the Govan fans.

A simple three worded tweet triggered the blue half of Glasgow into a frenzy of replies and some of them were borderline racist.

A very simple tweet. Nothing malicious in it but it was enough to get them triggered and by God, the big Welshman reeled in a few belters:

It certainly doesn’t take much to trigger them but when they are, they don’t have lose their filter.

I genuinely don’t know why Hartson bothers to be honest.

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